Wutzels Piratenflug

Age recommendation:

8 years
(min. 1.20 m)
and above
without accompanying adult

4 years
(min. 1 m)
and above
with accompanying adult


Note for parents:

Distance to coffee counter:
approx. 100m



Up and away! This is the new motto for visitors young and old with our new swing ride “Wutzel’s pirate flight”, which invites you to fly up to the tree tops.

Please note that the ride is not admissible for children who are under 4 years old or less than 1 m tall. From 4 to 7 years or 1 to 1.20 m, children need to be accompanied by an adult.


Please note also that it is not allowed to wear high heels, stilettoes or loose footwear, or to ride barefoot.

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Location within the park