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This range of services is aimed at teachers, childminders and youth group leaders. The focus is here is on the theme of "Experiencing wildlife and nature". We offer some suggestions, but are also open to your suggestions and wishes. Please don't hesitate to use our contact form. Tell us what it is you would like and we will do our best to help. Based on our experiences from the previous year, I have adjusted our offers in line with your wishes and suggestions.

The following continue to be popular:
A visit to the birds-of-prey place with the option of a subsequent Q & A round is worthwhile. Our falconers experts are happy to help.

We also offer you the Kurpfalz-Park Rally for different age ranges as a download.

The new learning trail allows visitors to learn amidst nature
At various points in the park, the school students are provided with information about the woodland animals. Little games make this an entertaining new offer for the little ones.

A fun and mightily interesting information rally in the Kurpfalz-Park! A walk through this large wildlife and adventure park will allow the children to enjoy direct sightings of many different animals. There are different questions to answer during the tour. Once these have all been correctly answered, the children will have found the password to confirm their answers.

A tour of the park
Take a look at our tour of the park, which we have produced in collaboration with the Multimedia-AG company of the Schulzentrum LU-Edigheim comprehensive school. This little film has now been clicked on nearly ten thousand times. We are truly proud of this.

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